Hello! This is just a quick post to mark my One Year sober anniversary. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to (finally) reach this goal. It has literally taken me years of trying to control and moderate my alcohol intake, realizing I can’t, starting and stopping, one million Day One’s, including a 10.5 month sober stretch, relapsing countless times again, to get to where I am today.

On April Fools Day of 2016 I had my last drink. I don’t know what made it different that time. 3 months into sobriety, my 10 year common law marriage broke. By some miracle I didn’t drink. I knew my life would be in danger if I did.

My life looks a lot different today then it did  one year, two, five, ten ago. But most importantly, I am different inside. I am happier, calmer, more positive, more creative, and have more energy than I’ve ever had in my life.

I owe it all to sobriety. And I’ll never look back.



52 thoughts on “ONE YEAR

  1. You are strong and free now. I’ve had one small blip since I made the decision to change my stars in December 2015.
    I was dead inside and then put myself into a programme. Life now is so so different in amazing ways.
    My huge congrats to you……live it & love it. Brent

    • Thank you Paul!!!! Im doing it.
      Do you remember when I emailed you so desperate asking HOW on earth to stay sober? Here I am. Thank you for your continued support xo

  2. Hi…I just wanted to ask you to keep on writing. I came across your blog last night and it spoke to me. I’ve lived your story for 30 yrs. 1 day, 1 month, 3 weeks, 7 years, 2 days, on and on. As I write this, I have 24 hrs. Reading about your journey got me here–again. No matter how many times I fall short, I can still make the choice to try again. Congratulations on one year.

    • Hi Jackie, Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I’m not writing a lot lately but I need to. Congrats on your 24 hours. One day at a time right? Keep going keep going!

  3. Belated sober birthday wishes to you dear Clearlee and blimmin’ massive congratulations! You’re sounding mighty strong. Bravo. Really, I’m chuffed for you. Love from The Sober Garden x.

  4. a very belated congratulations on your one year – sorry, must have missed this post when it came out. glad you bought yourself a nice coffee maker – a daily tangible reminder of the rewards of recovery…

    darn it – now I want a killer coffee, will have to go and make myself one in my lo-tech cafetiere! lots of love, Prim xx

    • Thank you Prim for the congratulations! I am truly enjoying my new coffee maker- it does make delicious coffee. You should get yourself a nice one too! We are worth it xo

  5. Congrats, that’s a HUUUUGE accomplishment. I can only dream of that lol, keep it goin ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

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