recovery 2.0 ‘n things

Day 3 today. I came down with a little bit of the flu yesterday so I haven’t been feeling so hot- but- I’m sober and that is awesome. I can’t believe I had 20 days before and I had spent most of that feeling soo good. The last week of it got really hard and then I had a spectacularly bad day and that was it. So, not only do I need ways to cope with triggers and stress, I also need ways to cope when the bad shit happens. Like traumas and crises and those kinds of things. My gut instinct is that I need to do something really physical as soon as possible. Normally, I would say that talking to a loved one would work, but for a while now I’ve been feeling that talking isn’t always enough. Because stress and trauma can impact and affect our nervous system and muscles and such, I think it needs to be worked out of our physical and physiological selves too. It’s all connected, right?

This brings me to another thing I wanted to write about. I’ve been into yoga on and off for about a dozen years. I’ve always found it is a great way to centre and ground myself. Last year, around this time, I stumbled across this conference online called Recovery 2.0. It is a free online conference that focusses on addiction and healing, and it incorporates some traditional methods (12-step) with other recovery methods like yoga and meditation. It’s founder is a guy named Tommy Rosen who is a yoga teacher in California and who got sober over 20 years ago. He is awesome. I took a class taught by him last summer and he is a very sweet, very compassionate dude. He’s doing all this stuff- these recovery conferences, writing a book, and he hosts an online meeting every Tuesday night on InTheRooms.

There’s a whole bunch of people out there who are connecting addiction recovery to other ways than AA. This is not to bash AA in anyway, it’s just to augment it. I don’t go to AA (but I’m not discounting it- I may end up there one day!), but the addition of yoga and meditation to my recovery really resonates with me. In the least, I find listening to other people’s stories and what works for them, particularly those who use yoga, inspiring. Maybe you will too?

He has some different speakers lined up for this conference, but a few of the same. I really like Rolf Gates, whose book, Meditations on the Mat, I have owned for many years. Dr. Gabor Mate is also a very interesting speaker with some great ideas about addiction among other issues. Nikki Myers is a good one too. The conference is May 3-7 and it’s free to stream each speaker/interview for 24 hours.



6 thoughts on “recovery 2.0 ‘n things

  1. Happy Day 3. Great post. It sounds like you need someone you can call when you begin to feel like drinking. It isn’t always convenient to workout right at the time of a trigger, but a call is easy to make. If you want, I can provide you my number. I know how triggers feel, they get easier and less frequent as time goes on, but you can get very frustrated with a lot of Day 1, 2 and 3’s.
    Think about it.
    Happy Easter!

    • Hi soberlearning! That is an incredibly kind offer! Thank you so much. I’m not sure where you live or what time zone you are in, but I’ll email you to start and then perhaps we can get in touch. Thanks!

  2. Happy day 3 indeed. There is nothing wrong with yoga, therapy, running, meditation or whatever it is one needs to do to further themselves and their recovery. I used to do lots of therapy. I have stopped, but at times have reconsidered it. I also run and do meditation. I read certain books and I have my other little things I do that help me stay connected to myself and whatever it is that keeps me sober. I didn’t feel you were in any way anti-AA – you were very respectful…and you know what, even AAs would agree with you – we all have our own personal ways of augmenting our recovery. And hey, look at us – blogging! That’s another thing we have in common in this whole recovery sobersphere… how cool is that?

    Thanks for the info 🙂


    • Hi Paul, thanks for stopping by. Right now I’m into getting as many tools as possible to support my recovery. I am going to start meeting with my counsellor again next week. I might even pop into a meeting or two. Running is on the list too. And there’s a meditation drop in that I’ve been wanting to try. I need to fill up my time without drinking and get engaged in other activities. You’re right- blogging and reading sober blogs has become another big recovery tool for me. Eventually I’d like to be doing so many things that drinking again becomes unthinkable as it would interfere with my new awesome life 🙂

  3. hey clearlee 🙂 – I like that too! and happy day 4 by now I guess! the longer we are sober the better I think we get at judging what we need to augment our recovery. whether it is solitude/community, exercise/rest. learning to trust our inner cues is hard because we have been ignoring them for so long.

    thanks so so much for pointing me in the direction of Tommy Rosen! he has a fantastic website. I particularly like his page here where he emphasises very strongly that his work is as a supplement to ‘the great work you are already doing’. I feel that we should not be fighting one another about the ‘best’ way to get sober. if you were escaping a burning island would you argue about which is the best design of boat?! whatever works for us is the right way! and I have signed up for that conference so thank you enormously! and have put his dvd on my amazon wishlist too. it can be my treat for getting to my next sober mini-milestone 🙂 (by the way you might like to check out the links from your post as I couldn’t make them work?)

    I highly recommend ginger cordial in hot water for a cold… I buy Belvoir’s or a recipe here:

    P xxx

    • Yes I really love Tommy. He is coming out with a book this summer I think. I’m glad you signed up for the conference! We can discuss together 🙂
      Hm, I tried my links and they worked for me so I’m not sure what is happening! I’m still learning about this tech stuff 🙂
      I’ll have to check out the ginger cordial! Sounds delicious. Happy Monday Prim!! xo

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