still going.

Another day down. And a Friday at that!


still going.

4 thoughts on “still going.

  1. Hi Primrose, Yes I’m doing treats… I think I’ve had them every day this week though! My favourites are ice cream, chocolate, and popcorn, although dairy isn’t great for my stomach so I just bought some soy ice cream which hopefully will be better! YEs yesterday was day 7, today I’m on day 8! Excited! I think I can do treats a little less often, going to move to every two days or at least try some less refined sugary ones. Thanks for your support! I hope you’re doing well xo

    • Thanks!! It’s Saturday now and I’m definitely feeling a bit challenged. A glass of wine (or 4) with dinner seems pretty tantalizing right now. Just have to remember where I’ll end up- back to day 0, hating life. Do I really want to go through all of that again? Ugh. NO.

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