I thought I would write about my motivation to get and stay sober so that I can refer back to it when I am having a tough time.
Mostly, I am just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Because I can not seem to stop at one or two drinks, I constantly feel like shit in the morning. So here’s my list:

1. To feel good in the morning
2. To get a good nights sleep
3. To stop taking Advil every night and morning- surely this is not good for my liver on top of all the alcohol.
4. To have more energy
5. So I can be healthier
6. I will get more exercise if I’m not drinking or hungover
7. To practice more yoga – either in the morning or the evening
8. To free up more time to pursue interests
9. To read more in the evening
10. So I can meditate in the morning
11. To feel good about myself, like I’m finally in control
12. To improve my mental health- alcohol is a depressant and I already struggle with depression and anxiety
13. I will eat healthier as I won’t crave junk and greasy food like I do when I’m drinking or hungover
14. To improve restless leg syndrome
15. I will save money
16. I will be able to lose weight easier
17. I will look better (less bags under the eyes and puffy skin)
18. I will be a better role model for my stepson
19. I will remember things I do and say
20. I will stop drunk texting
21. I will feel less shame and more integrity
22. To be more creative
23. To re-connect with my spirituality
24. To re-commit to my life’s purpose
25. To feel more clear headed
26. My memory will improve
27. To become more skilled in my work
27. To not feel like a hypocrite
28. To learn how to deal with my emotions in a healthy way
29. To feel more joy
30. To not feel nauseous anymore
31. So I won’t feel like I am wasting my life
32. To be happier
33. To be more productive
34. To reach my goals in life
35. To use my brain for other things besides thinking about drinking
36. To be proud of myself
37. To eventually serve and help others who are struggling
38. To feel like I am the best version of myself
39. To feel more sane
40. To live more honestly


5 thoughts on “reasons.

  1. This is a brilliant exercise to do- well done! I did something similar and it’s helped me so much in the darker moments of craving. Maybe another thing you can do is a list like this of all the reasons you want to stop drinking, again to look back on. Great to see this list, my experience of sobriety so far is that it doesn’t take very long to get almost all the things you want. Keep going 🙂

    • Thanks! it was really good to do it and surprisingly easy. It probably took me about 10 minutes. The reasons just kept rolling out… I have a feeling that there are more lists to come! Thank you so much for your words of encouragement, it means a lot to me.

  2. this is a great list. a sober Top 40! I particularly like numbers 1, 24, 36, 40…. damn, can’t choose, all of them!

    I started keeping a gratitude journal after I reached 100 days, writing down last thing at night things that had happened that day. I find I go and peek at it if I am feeling low to cheer myself up. Perhaps you might find this useful in recording how these things actually are coming true in your life when you don’t drink?

    keep your sober car rolling and it WILL gain momentum! P xx

    • Hi Primrose, That is an awesome idea! I need all the tools I can get. I like this one as it’s very concrete and that’s what I need- hard evidence that sobriety is working for me and is the better alternative to drinking and suffering. Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it xo

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