spring has sprung.

What better time to start a new challenge than a seasonal change?


I’m not going to dwell on the reasons I am back at square one, except to say, it’s not a very good idea for me to go to an italian restaurant, a restaurant that I have always loved to drink red wine at, especially on a day that has been very long and tiring, when I am early on in sobriety. Old habits die hard. Frink.

I realize, that yet again, I did not really employ any “tools” to keep me sober. I knew that I shouldn’t have gone to the restaurant. But it was with my husband and his son, and it’s been kind of our thing to go to this restaurant together; it’s our favourite. I’m not very good at saying NO. But I’m going to have to get better. The only way I can think to stay sober, in the beginning, is to avoid some of these kind of situations. It also occurred to me that I don’t really have a toolbox of ways to help me stay sober. I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about actual things that I can do so I thought I would take a minute and write a list of things that I can do- some have been suggested to me (thanks Belle- and I’m sorry that I don’t know how to link yet but I will learn!).

My List of Staying Sober Tools

1. read sober blogs

2. write a sober blog post

3. email Belle or a sober blogger

4. deep breathing/meditation/’install’ positive sober feelings

5. yoga

6. eat something (start with fruit/nuts, and move on to the heavier stuff if needed)

7. listen to music/dance

8. watch a movie/tv show/documentary

9. go for a walk or run or do a workout video

10. take a bath

11. go for a swim/hot tub at the local pool

12. read a book in bed

13. clean something

14. go for a drive- go to the library, a book store, a coffee/tea shop, shopping etc…

15. call a friend or family member

16. zendoodle, make art

17. cry

18. make a cup of tea or some other drink

19. pray

20. go to a meeting

21. learn how to play the piano (or keyboard which is what we have)

22. play a video game on my phone

23. cook/bake something

24. write in a gratitude journal

What are some other good ideas? This list is a work in progress…


2 thoughts on “spring has sprung.

  1. Hi FitFatFood! I was reading through your blog the other day. I could definitely relate to a lot of it- the starting and stopping- which I seem to be stuck in a revolving door of. It feels pretty ridiculous at this point. Thanks for your words of encouragement! I am going to keep at it, I really want this.

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