been here before.

I’m back to day 3.

I feel tired. I feel defeated. But I’m going to keep at it because I do believe that this sober thing is going to be worth it. I have faith in the words I read from other sober bloggers that it beats being drunk and hungover. In my heart, I know this is true. In my heart, I know that I can’t drink “normally”. No matter how much I wish I could. I don’t know how to get readers for my blog, and at this point I think it’s okay. I’m not very committed to it yet. But, like my sobriety, I will keep giving writing a chance. I’m not ready to give up on either. One day, it will stick.


2 thoughts on “been here before.

  1. Hi Seeing Clear Lee, welcome to the world of sober blogging, basically spilling your guts on line, and seeing what strangers have to say. At least you are among your own kind, drunks trying to get sober.
    Just look at some blogs, make a comment on a few, and voila you will have readers. Congratualtions on Day 3, This getting sober thing is very hard. You just have to keep at it, one day at a time.

    • Hi soberlearning! Thanks for your reply! I was just thinking that I should probably start commenting on other people’s blogs (finally) to start connecting with some folks. Not wanting to go the AA route (nothing against it at all), I still think it’s super important to have some kind of a community support. Otherwise I am pretty much alone. Just have to start putting myself out there. Thanks for reading, commenting, and supporting me!

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