here I am. again.

I’ve recently discovered a bunch of sober bloggers, and it has inspired me to begin writing again. I am still on my journey towards becoming alcohol-free. I had about 7 weeks last spring/summer. Since then it’s been an on again off again battle. Since then, I quit my job, did another full time practicum, graduated with my Master’s degree, travelled in India for 5 weeks, and just started a new job. I now feel ready to start again. I found Belle’s 100 day challenge and I am on day 3. My partner has decided to do 100 days with me, and although this is SO helpful and supportive, I can’t connect my sobriety to his. He might fall off, but I need to stay on. My hope is to write here every day or couple of days, sometimes I might post what I write in emails to Belle. Hopefully I will figure out how to connect to other sober bloggers- a goal for another time. Right now I have a yoga class to get to!